Friday, February 24, 2012

90 day Body by vi Health Challenge

In November 2011, I joined the 90 day body by vi Challenge.

On February 17, 2012 I just ended my 1st 90 day Challenge.

Here is a youtube video of my results.


my sites are the following;

Please watch the 24 minute long overview presentation of what exactly is the 90 day Body by vi Challenge from Visalus Sciences.

Also if you wish to receive a free sample of the shake mix, please check out my website above any of the hinasyed ones and send me a message with your contact information.

This is a life style change, not just a weight loss shake, but a muscle gain, and get fit, get energy.

The Youtube 1st one is my challenge, the 1st one.

the other videos are just promotions for the company that I've been apart of for the past few months.

Take Care

Thursday, October 08, 2009

clean slate

A clean slate.

This is the children's adventures and will continue to be the children's adventures.

their experiences
their adventures as was before.

Ibrahim is enjoying 6th grade.
Isa is enjoying his 3rd grade class.
They're both adjusted into their schools, classmates, and made a lot of friends.
Daliyah is peachy keen as a 3 1/2 year old girl soon to be 4...or in her mind she's soon to be a young girl.

Ibrahim still enjoys reading and writing
Isa is the sports player, and loves to sing..
Iby plays the tablah from time to time.
Daliyah does a mixture of everything.

and that's that.

Friday, August 07, 2009


The kids are fine and enjoying their summer.

Muslimfest was great this past weekend, plus visiting with the cousins and relatives too.

I've taken them out go-karting these past few days ago, and that was quite enjoyable.

Daliyah got a real kick out of the basketball game, and as the kids play it out in the front I see how they're all getting good at the game, even Daliyah as she tries to throw it into the basket and gets it in, and even Isa gets it in almost every time.
Ibrahim is also good at playing basketball. I hope to enroll them into something, and I'll be trying to get them set up somewhere too.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

my own site

Yeah. Tell me what you think.
I'll be adding more things to it very soon as I'm updating it yet that is the basic.

cutco: cuts your mind, with all the things u find. :)

Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem.
In the name of Allah (God), Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.
Yes, a little bit helps 4 Cutco, as it cuts your mind, with all the things you need to find. I know it sounds cheesy, sorry. I apologize, I really, really apologize. I'm not really that type of person that does this, this is all new to me to go about doing this.

Even if no one is paying any attention or just are not interested. I know I may not be the greatest person at advertising, or socializing yet I'm trying my best at these communication skills, building skills of getting back into full swing.

You might be thinking, what is she talking about? What does she mean? What does her status mean, especially within the last few weeks when she's been talking about Cutco, and booking appointments, and contact me type of stuff? Well, I'll tell you.

I got a job, in where I sell Cutco. You ask what is cuto?

Well To get a better idea, you'd have to go to that website to see.

To see the company I work for Vector Marketing, you'd have to go to Basically, I get paid to show Cutco presentations. Whether or not anyone buys anything or not, I still get paid.

If you get something, great...if you don't get anything, it's ok too because I still get a chance to visit you. And especially to my friends whom I haven't seen in the longest time, except at reunions, or passing on by through parties and etc, this gives us a chance to meet up, in person, at each other's houses for it.

Come on, tell me seriously, who wouldn't want to meet up for some old laughs over "Coconut College, Four Corners, and well all that stuff we went through all those years in school, you know the ones I mean"?

Or for people that don't remember, or want to remember cuz of our crazy adventures, talks, behaviors, attitudes, and hairdo's..ha ha....

Now, I don't want to sound like a pain in the rear end, or even a nuisance, or some of those real annoying telemarketing, salespeople, you know the ones I mean.

Like the ones that pester you, and you're like "No I'm sorry not interested," or you just hand the phone off to your children to talk, or do some rude gestures and motions into the phone, or something just as annoying that they don't call you back, or call you at that exact moment when they want to talk to you.

I don't want to be like that, and I really pray I don't come off as that, especially in my status updates, and especially, especially if I happen to facebook mail you, or send you a chat message.

I know some of you will try to be nice and curteous as possible by telling me you're just NOT interested, even if you're not going to buy anything you don't even want to take a quick peek, or quick glance because you don't want to get tempted and buy something on impulse, which I know can happen sometimes.

And I don't mind if you guys tell me off either, well..actually to be honest with you, I do mind..but please be kind and just tell me no way hosay and that's not your thing, and I'll try to back off and try to remember not to contact you

and even if I forget which I happen to do sometimes because with the list of my contacts I'm starting to lose track of whose who and where people live to see who I can contact, which I really, really apologize because I seem to have an excellent memory like an elephant yet resemble the mouse, :) or a skinny elephant with a super sharp memory of remembering ppl even if it's been 10-20 years..some even way back to 30 yrs ago...yikes! So, I don't want you to do that.

Yet, if you can, and don't mind sparing a few minutes of your time, to let me know which day works for you, which time, I can give you a day I'm free and timings, yet sometimes it'll work for you, and sometimes it won't work. I don't want to pressure you or force you, because I'm not one of those aggressive, pushy types of people.

Seriously guys! I'm a considerate, compassionate, caring person that just needs some people, leads, referrals, whatever you can throw at me just as long as it's not something hurtful like objects and spam junk emails and applications for poker games and blinko, plinko win money on facebook, as if..ha ha. Even if you want to tell me to drop dead, and get a life, and get another job. That's great advice, I really appreciate that.

Even if you say, "Hina, you know, with the great skills you have, you can do so, so much more, and you have a lot in you." Great, that's great. I really appreciate it. Whether your comments are positive, or negative nature. You know nothing can really bring me down anymore really as I've been there, done that and I tell you...

I'm one of those types of people that refuse, refuse...refuse to give up...surrender...and give in.... I like to be motivated, determined, inspired, committed to really getting things done. So, please. I ask you...even if you can tell me of some of your friends that would be interested, all they have to do..or all you would have to do is just give me your name, #, and a day and time that would be good for you..or even your name and # in my private mail and I'll call you. Even if you can refer your friends, family...anyone....even if you want to get a good laugh at my own expense,'m up for that too. So, I'm booking appointments this week, next week or within the next few weeks.

Let me know and I really, really appreciate your time, effort, patience, understanding, careth, yes, did I mention patience? and I'm sure, I'll be adding more things to this note, like a part 2, and part 3, for things I can think of to do, and plan and I really hope someone can squeeze in know.

And I'm doing this because I'm putting myself through school, going back to college after many many years away of staying at home with the kids, so it takes a lot, and need to pay the bills and such. Especially with the economy we're living in, recessions and such, need to do whatever I can as we all do. So, :)

I'll leave it at this end and say, it's all up to you. Thank you for listening, reading, and I apologize again for this mega long babble of a talk. And I wouldn't blame you if you happen to put me on your limited profile contact list, or cut me off completely like blocking me off, deleting me off, and removing me and even finding you from the facebook world to avoid me.

Hey, I know....sorry..... but....i don't want to be one of those dishonest ppl. I like my friends, i love them...i love to be upfront, respectful, and honest..sincere, compassionate, considerate, committed, trustworthy, sincere, patient, understanding, caring, sharing, oh I can list you a hundred other qualities, yet for all those that know me, personally from meeting me at conferences, and school, and parties you know the kind of "lively" person I am, and how friendly I am with everyone, doesn't matter if you're black, white, polka dotted, small, big, this country, that country, this background, that background, that religion, this religion, doesn't matter to me.

Each person matters, each person is unique and each person has their own style and method of doing things and I just want to say I know and I'm here. Whether you're having a real, really crappy day. I'm here to inspire you, to boost tell you to hang in there and you'll get through it, I believe in you. I really do. I'm not just saying that to get you to contact me, but I do. I really care about my friends.

I was really distraught when I found out a couple of years ago, when one of our friends from high school passed away, it was really hard on me, especially since I saw her in the summer that year in 2007 and she was fine one day.......and as I returned overseas, I was talking to her one day and she was there fine...and I told her I'd talk to her soon as I was in the middle of something, and she too told me she had to meet up with ppl....that was the last time. And it hurts me that I never really got to say goodbye.

Which is why I made a promise to myself to talk to many of my friends as much as possible, keep in touch with them, visit them, even if we talk for a few mins on facebook, mail each other, talk to each o ther on the phone, see each other in person for a bit. Just a little bit helps. Esp the friends that say they're feeling crappy because of their crappy day and crappy life.

I want to say...pls... I like you, love guys are great ppl. and not to give up. We all have those days, and I know...hey I really I want to say..pls don't ever feel like that. and if you me and I really hope I'm there to help you out as much as I can possibly can. I really don't know what I'd do if I found out another friend something would happen to them that I never got a chance to say goodbye... so pls... anyways dont want to really go off topic yet I put all of this into one long one, so I leave it at this. :)

A little bit helps for Cutco, as it cuts your mind, and gives you all that you can find. :)

and for those that are getting married you can register, get gift registry too

so contact me and I'll pass you my name and my rep # and depending on your friends, and family that buy stuff on there for you for your wedding/marriage etc, that I get commissions/points from them.

So for those whom I can't do presentations cuz of location, you guys all live far, far away so this is another way.

and I think to go through that method, and even if I have to show you the products through :D online I will.

so.. :)

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Kids posted on their father's blog about how they did not believe him or his lies.

I guess apparently he did not like that.

I guess that is what you get for kicking them, pushing them, shaking them to a point in which they not only fear you, but dislike you because you mistreated them, abused your rights as a father to abuse them as your children, that's why. you lost their trust, and their faith, and their care.

It does not matter how much the counselors, the teachers, and we tell them otherwise.
It's still there the memories, vivid in their heads, as if it was yesterday, moments ago that it's still alive there, memory a fter memory, flashback after flashback.

You can move on with life and distracting yourself with your other work.
But, all it takes is just one word, one voice and all that intimidation that they felt, the fear comes rushing back to take a hold of them.
no one would want that, no one would want to be drowned in a water or the sea, they'd fight to live, to breathe, to taste the fresh air in their mouth and take it in, yet not take in all this mistreatment and abuse.
so yes.

as much as I ve had enough to stand up and say stop.
so have they.

They're children yes, not little children in where you think you can deny the abuse to say it was in their imagination.
to not admit your fault, no remorse, no apologies just makes it worse.

to play this as if you're still in kindergarten is teaching them you do this and it's fine.
it's not fine and they know that, we know that.
do you know that?

and if I could tape the convo of their voices to how they really feel, tears would come down, you'd be shaking because innocent children with such fear in their eyes, their hearts and minds.
they should not have had to experience that, but they have, something they won't forget.
no matter how many good memories comes to replace it, that will always remain there.
yet they won't let it drown them as much as you would like it to.
they will not surrender nor give in as they will not let you win, but win themselves to say it as it were.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

iby and the alien

Iby's Alien talk

Ibrahim wanted to talk about the little alien pic beside his picture.

Yet he is too speechless to say anything or comment.

So, I asked him to blog about it, and write about it as he usually does.

But, he's too shy to say.

So, a picture is worth a thousand words they say. So I give you 2 pictures worth 2 thousand words.
which means we better get cracking at counting all the words to match up to the two thousand words to make up for the two pictures above.

well since those above were only 93. = 100 words.

I'd say to be continued.